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Help for your Bibel studies (currently only german)
Here are three videos that animates the (traditional) path of Israel from Egypt to the promised land.
They are all nearly the same one is german, one is english and one is without geographic informations.

You can use this for free (commercial or non commercial) in case you:
1) attribute "Alterum Saxum"
2) give a link to either the Alterum Saxum channel on youtube or to the homepage.
3) only use it for content which is according to the law*)
4) do non satanic, demonic or esoteric things

*) in case the bibel or in case to say something about christ is not within the law in your country and you do it for the praise of Jesus be sure I have problem in case you will use it :)

Download the PDF. It will help you in your bible study time. Its like a concordance which will give you a fast overview about the bible. Therefore it is recommendable.
This published by Alterum Saxum (even though you may find it at different places)

Bibel Inhaltsverzeichnis und Inhaltsangabe mit genauer Bibelstellenangabe

Bibel Inhaltsverzeichnis und Inhaltsangabe mit genauer Bibelstellenangabe
Please note this German but we think that it is understandable. Thus we list it here even on the english pages.